Friday, October 16, 2009

~ Hello World ~ ^_^

Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera to all my pals..

This is my third blog created by me and I hope I stick to this one (hahaha). I wonder why hu3.. You see my first blog is at it's been a year and I open it today.. fewww... I only post 1 entry.. So sad huh??? Biase la zaman student kan. So bizi lah. Kadang2 tu rase macam2 nak tulis (tulis kat MS Word dulu br apply kat blog - giler rajin, sebab tu x penah update he3..) tapi bile da bukak sume blank ... ngeee... (wink2)

Dulu hari2 kene marah dengan mama (tuanku iffa) sbb blog x penah update.. hari2 jugak lah dengo leteran die, ape taknye blog die je da ade 2.. sentiasa update (mama, you are so powerfull.. ha3)

Dear pals, if you all perasan kalo salah taip url address 2 akan masuk blog orang laen yg exactly sama theme tulisan and sume2 lah.. Cube korang masuk url nih.. sama kn kn kn? Hu3.. Actually I wanna use that url but sadly someone steal it from me.. uwaaaa... Steal? Actually not steal. The blog was created since 2006 he3.. too bad not my luck huh? T_T

Then, when I start working with En Azmi (my boss) I wonder why not I create another blog using Wordpress since most lecturer use that application. Mama also use Wordpress.. and Princess Aina Z too (ngeh3..). If you all rajin try to visit this site ahahaha... I only post 1 entry in 3 month.. giler pemalas nak update.

But one thing that I realise that using blogspot much2 easier rather than wordpress.. But I am impress that wordpress had various application and user @ blogger can choose which one to use. Blogger also can cancel or change the application or change to other application. For deeper try explore yourself ok? =D da......

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Lady Nadia


  1. sapekan princess aiNa tuh??
    pasan la plak..sbb name beta pon aIna..hahhaaa

  2. murni: hai murni he3.... slmt pagi
    aina: 2 mmg ko pown.. xpayah nak pasan2 aku bg title khas unt ko huahuahua...