Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kisah Hati

Assalamualaikum readers.... if my readers are still there hehe... nearly a year my blog 'terbengkalai'. What to do, I am a buzy person you see ( is a half lie ok?)..haha…

First of all, thank GOD, that I still alive healthy (once a few week actually including today). Many things happen this past few month and I also resign from FIC to continue my study at UiTM. I have other plan actually but unexpected thing happen. I was offered by UiTM for phD program and of course it took place at Puncak Perdana. My dad, mom and the whole family force me to accept the offer.

….and now I am in the 2nd semester. Hopefully, everything going smooth and I can settle my study successfully in year 2015. I am so excited to complete my study but for now I need to worry because I’m not done my proposal but my name was announce and listed in Defense Research Proposal (DRP) candidate… waaaa…. I’m so afraid. Can I complete it on time??? Cayok100x…

You know, I took 1 semester and 2 month to complete chapter 1… oh my Gucci… why it takes so long???? I keep depress along the journey… cry.. cry.. and cry. All I can think is dismiss, quit, drop everything and go back to the original plan. It is a really lonely journey but thanks to my friends who always support me mentally and physically.

Hurm… I think that’s all for today. I have good news to you all but I will tell you when the time come ok? Haha… please pray for me ok? Love you all.. May GOD bless you.


~Lady Nadia~


  1. dah buat PhD..terbaik ah. satgi title Dr la.
    adoi sedih pikir nasib diri..master xhabih2 lagi. member da jauh kedepan da